Islamic Reformers

Prophet Muhammad

Was not the founder of a new religion. According to the Quran the religion of Islam had been taught by countless other previous messengers all over the world. Prophet Muhammad reformed the existing practices and beliefs to bring them in harmony with the true spirit of Islam. He expressed Islam in the language and the context of the Arabian society he lived in.

As happened with the previous messengers, Prophet Muhammad’s message became diluted and corrupted with the passage of time. Several Muslim teaches and thinkers have worked to restore his principles.

We can capture the dynamic spirit of Islam only if we address to the reformist spirit of Prophet Muhammad’s teachings. It is a mistaken notion to think that to be a good Muslim we should become like the people of Arabia 1400 years ago. We are good Muslims if we understand the principles and apply them to uplift ourselves and others in the society we live in today.

Below we give some thoughts of Islamic Reformers of the recent times. The views of these thinkers or reformers do not necessarily represent the views of MRMO. The essential intent is to introduce views that are traditionally marginalized and promote tolerance of diverse ideas.

Sayyid Ahmad Khan

Muhammad Abduh

Muhammad Iqbal