About Us

Muslim Reform Movement Organization, Inc. (MRMO) is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated in New York State.

Mission Statement

The MRMO seeks to revitalize Islam as a dynamic and viable religion, in tune with the realities of the post-modern world, by extrapolating the Universal Truths revealed to Mankind in the Quran and studying the Quranic principles and ideals in a contemporary context.

Vision Statement

As human society has evolved over the centuries with expansion of knowledge and interactions between cultures, there is a need to restate the teachings of Islam in terms that are relevant to the contemporary world. Islam’s message is eternal, aiming at the unification and perfection of mankind. In order to bring the power of Islamic teachings to succeeding generations we recognize the principle of progressive development in spiritual as well as cultural and social life. We welcome all truth, whether revealed, or discovered by scientific principles. The Quran preserves the revelations received by Prophet Muhammad as he pursued his mission of infusing goodness and progress in the Arab society of his time. Being a product of the historical process, many of Quran’s social rulings have lost relevance with the passing of the conditions that called them forth. But as a depository of spiritual insights, the Quran remains the dynamic source of Muslim life. Each generation has to express the universal principles in the Quran, and in other teachings of Prophet Muhammad into rules of spiritual and social guidance that enhance, enrich and empower people.


Conscious practice of the five pillars of Islam forms the basis of our lives. Faith, prayer, charity, fasting and pilgrimage are the cornerstones on which Muslim lives are built. The human spirit can be raised by these means to unlimited heights of personal fulfillment and actualization. We recognize that the effectiveness of prayer is determined by its purpose and depth and not by outward form. The purpose of charity is to uplift those who need assistance and to make them self-sufficient.

Muslim social life is based on devotion to family. Each of us has the responsibility of creating a home where the principles of love, respect and faith are put into action and where equality of genders is manifested. We inculcate habits of a balanced life in which we seek the proximity of God through prayer and remembrance, expansion of intellect by continuous learning, vitality by practicing principles of good health, prosperity and self-sufficiency by attainment of wealth, accomplishment by excelling in professional life, and we seek to contribute by uplifting others.

We are loyal citizens of the country we reside in. We seek to actively contribute to the progress and enrichment of the society around us, by cooperating with all people in the spirit of mutual respect and understanding. We believe that interpretations of Islamic history that seek to turn back the clock are misguided; instead, we recognize in the modern era of universal culture of education, science and technology an unprecedented opportunity to advance towards the Islamic ideals of justice, peace, progress and prosperity for all.

Morality is an integral part of religion. Seeking the pleasure of God means to strive for fairness and goodness. Love of God is expressed as love of His creatures. We emphasize the kinship of human race, the worth of each human life and the right of every individual to freedom in the pursuit of fulfillment and happiness. Women and men have the same rights in all social, civil and religious aspects of life, and human progress requires that they should have the same opportunities in developing their individual potentials. The diversity among people is a divine gift that enriches our lives, and we seek unity while celebrating our diversity.


A major factor that distinguishes Islam from other major religions is that its origins were recorded historically and thus are grounded not in legend but in fact. Prophet Muhammad started his life in humble circumstances as an orphan in Arabia, a place where there was no civilization: no schools, no libraries, no roads, no agriculture, not even a history of past accomplishments. He discovered faith through which he empowered himself and those around him. He generated personal, political, financial, intellectual, and moral power for himself and others, where there was none before. His interpretations of Islam created strength, resourcefulness and progress. The crisis in the Muslim world is that degradation in interpretation has occurred over time.

The Muslim reform movement is about discovering and restoring the principles taught by Prophet Muhammad that unleash human potential and enable individuals to live purposeful lives and contribute to human progress. It works by replacing the literalist readings of the Quran and the Hadith with critical thinking and open discussion, and making their liberating insights available to more and more people.


The MRMO community is comprised of vibrant individuals that are interested in attaining spiritual growth through the emancipating and empowering teachings of the Quran. Open-mindedness, authentic search for meaning and an unrelenting quest for learning characterize our members. The study circles create the foundation and common reference point for the community. The continuous and focused dialogue about personal growth through Quran’s insights with like-minded individuals provides community members with moral support and connection to a movement that has created a safe and non-judgmental space for Muslims to be honest and thus proactive in attaining a deeper and richer life.

The MRMO as an organization does not engage in philanthropy, political, civic or social work or inter-faith dialogue. The organization’s main focus is to liberate the energies of its community members through raising spiritual awareness. Based on ideas discussed in the study circles, MRMO members individually become empowered and make significant impact in their respective spheres by providing service to humanity.

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