Expansion of Time

And what will explain to you what the night of power is?
The night of power is greater than a thousand months.

Sura 97: 2-4

These verses are about the first experience of revelation by Prophet Muhammad.. What the Prophet experienced that night was so momentous it could not have otherwise happened in thousands of months.

People have misunderstood the night of power. The common wisdom is that since the Prophet experienced the night of power on the 27th of Ramadan so everyone should stay awake and pray during the 27th night of Ramadan. If you just stay awake for a night without a purpose, nothing will happen except that you will feel tired the next day. But if you want to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad you have to first figure out what the purpose of your life is. God has placed His spirit within you and He has made you his substitute on the earth. So what are you going to do to carry out this mission? How is the world going to be different because of all the resources God has invested in you? Everyone has to find an answer to this question. And then you have to concentrate your thoughts and your energy on your special mission. It will appear impossible at first, but as you think more and more about how to accomplish your mission you will find answers, your power will gather momentum, and then one day you will experience an explosion of energy, you will experience your own night of power.

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