Self Evaluation in Ramadan


I look forward to fasting in the month of Ramadan as an opportunity for cleansing my body and spirit, for uplifting my soul and to review my progress in life, to reaffirm my faith in God and in the guidance brought by Prophet Muhammad.

Fasting in this month is something I greatly enjoy. By not taking any food or drink from dawn to dusk my body has the opportunity to cleanse itself. I intend to help my body by choosing healthy eating habits. I plan to eat only in moderate amounts in suhoor and iftar. I know that simple foods are the easiest for my body to digest and I intend to have meals made of simple, healthy and balanced ingredients for my family and myself.

The practice of abstinence from bodily needs makes me more aware of my spirit and its closeness to God. The most dominant attribute of God is love and mercy for his creatures. I want these to be my dominant traits also. I will take time to dwell on the many ways I have experienced the love of God. This will help me grow into a more loving, warm and trusting person. I plan to desist from criticism of my loved ones, friends and colleagues, in their presence and absence.

I will make more than my usual allotment of time for contemplation, to do inner work to raise my consciousness and become closer to my Creator. Prophet Muhammad asked people to devote the beginning part of Ramadan to Love and Mercy, the middle part of the month to Forgiveness and the last part in self-evaluation and seeking closeness of God.

When we feel stuck in any area of life, it usually means we are holding on to past negative experiences. It can be regret, sadness, hurt, fear, guilt, blame, anger, resentment or desire for revenge. Love is always the means of healing our hurts, and the pathway to love is forgiveness. Forgiveness dissolves hurt and resentment. I will spend time to recall painful experiences of the past and to forgive those who have caused me hurt. I wish everyone well. I will seek God’s forgiveness for hurts I have caused others, knowingly and unknowingly.

It was the practice of Prophet Muhammad to spend the last ten days of Ramadan in intense introspection and self –evaluation. I intend to follow his example and review progress in all areas of my life and set higher goals for the next year. I plan to think in detail about where I am in:

My ability to connect with my Creator in prayer and remembrance
My relationships with my family members
My physical health and well-being
My intellectual well-being
My financial well being
My contributions at my work place
My efforts in uplifting the world through the Muslim Reform Movement Organization
I plan to write my evaluations and goals for the next year in each of these areas in my journal.

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